Our Cuto Journey

The word ‘cuto’ is used in Spanish, is a general term meaning “cute”. ‘cuto’ means very smart, clever, a very nice person, that is how we wish all our mini visitors to be.

As a parent, we know all of us are expecting a place for kids to play safely and we can keep an eye on them easily.
As a customer, we are always looking for a café with classic coffee drinks and expect the food to be at least above the average.

As a business runner, we wish to make the business different from others but never want to sacrifice the high standards in operating the business.

Based on those ideas, after years of preparation, that is how we create Cuto Kids Café with distinctive branding, interior design, classic café food and services and more. We appreciate your support, reviews and comments, no matter good or bad, we take them into consideration.

That is how this journey starts and continues.

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